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ChumpCar - ChumpCast Live 360 Round Table - Raleigh, North Carolina

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I got a cool Samsung 360 degree camera when I got my new Note8. So we decided to test it at a CCWS Round Table discussion. I had to turn down the resolution a bit due to the lack of LTE at the Karting place. They allowed us to use their WiFi, which had killer download speeds, but very slow upload speeds. But as a first attempt, I think it worked pretty good.  

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We did seem to have some issues during the live broadcast to Facebook. But after reviewing the recording, it looks as though the issues were on the user side. There seems to be a focus on the video side, as bandwidth falls short on your end, the priority is the video with the sound secondary. So sound can drop, to preserve video playback.
There also the issues with older devices that just don't have the oomph to support the amount of tech being thrown at your device. Some supported the video during live playback but did not support the video on later playback. 
Sound issues. Yes, it can be a bit weak. There is no way to add better sound during live playback unless we do some sort of delay with a sound mix added and then the video sent out live. I don't have the manpower to do that. So right now we will try to be aware of the ambient sound so that you can better hear the event.

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3 hours ago, Huggy said:

Bill,, the video cut out at the end before the name was announced.


No-one watching will get to hear the conversations we had around that



Thanks for the shout out, Huggster. I got it....


I give credit where credit is due. The on track action in this chump region from my direct experience and what I see in videos is, indeed, civilized and FUN enough for us to bring our own junk out to race. We will be at VIR in december with our E30 and miata, bothering the hell out of the lower third of the field. Be ready! 

Sorry I missed this. Looks like y'all had fun. Who dominated in the karts? that's the important part!

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