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Mopar 4 Life and Mopar 4 ever race team.

The team is a group of about 7 friends and renters who are friends of the main group. 

We have been racing in Chumpcar since 2010. We have been lucky enough to podium in every region and travel too many bucket list tracks with chump. 


We operate two cars. 

1. 1997 Plymouth neon

2. 2001 PT cruiser


Most often only one car will be used at a time during race weekends.


As a team we have strong podium record with both cars.

To date:

1st- 13 

2nd- 18



Even better than our finishing record is our bar closing percentage. Not going to lie it's almost at legendary status. If you don't see us drinking Friday night or Saturday something very bad has happened, and please offer us help. 


Please like our Facebook page!



Our sponsors who help keep this circus going...

perry performance and competition


castrol canada

bremsen rotors

Jim Thompson dodge Chrysler jeep

Pickering Honda (ironic I know)









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On 2017-12-22 at 3:47 PM, wvumtnbkr said:

Great team on and off the track.   God forbid you are around during a Canadian holiday!


I've got my butt kicked by them a lot!


My team still remembers the look of horror on your face from the lodge a couple years back. I remember you asked  us what team we were and if we wanted a drink. 


1 minute later there was a line of 20 car bombs.


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