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In car live stream setup

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I’m looking for some help.


I started live streaming over a year ago. I started with an Optrix case with a wide angle lens and an iphone6 and this last race at PIRC I used a proshot case with a zoom lens and an iPhone 7. If the sun is shining the slightest bit with my current set up, the video outside of the car is washed out. Screenshot from Pitt below. The iPhone 6/optrix setup was better, but we saw the same washout issue at Daytona (and I have since updated my phone).


Anyone have a setup with an iPhone 7 that works better than this?

Would I be better off to mount this directly to the dash? If so what mount/case setups have you used that have worked well?

What other options do I have? I’m assuming there are a few people that will recommend the cerevo/gopro/mifi setup, but is it really worth the $700 + $50 monthly cell service? Can I use my mobile hotspot on my iPhone with the cerevo/gopro?


It’s great that our family and friends back home can watch the races if they can’t make the trip, but I received a lot of feedback of people tuning in and not being able to see anything.






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