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rbankracing.com Team is Looking for New Teammates that want to Win in 2018!

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As the title states the rbankracing.com team is looking for some new members to join the team for the 2018 season due to some attrition.  If you are a skilled racer and are looking for a team that can win races maybe we can be a good fit together.  We race mostly ChumpCar up and down the Eastern seaboard with occasional jaunts to the Midwest and even the West coast.  If it is a big race we are likely to want to race it!  Our home base is the Western Pennsylvania area (Pittsburgh) but we also have shops in the Utica, NY, Chicago, IL, and St. Louis, MO areas if you prefer to not just drive but to work on the cars too.  We have team members from across the country. 


If you are capable of race winning drives and need a team that can win too then shoot me an email:  robinbank@rbankracing.com


8/12/2017, Virginia International Full Course, "LifeLine 24 Hour Classic", 1st Place

5/28/2017, Watkins Glen International, 7 Hour "Sahlen's ChumpYard Dog", 1st Place

5/27/2017, Watkins Glen International, 7 Hour "Sahlen's ChumpYard Dog", 1st Place

5/6/2017, Road America, 8 Hour, 1st Place (Class)

4/24/2017, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, 8 Hour, 1st Place

4/8/2017, Road Atlanta, 7 Hour, 1st Place

2/4/2017, Road Atlanta, "RVA Graphics 14 Hours of Road Atlanta", 1st Place

12/3/2016 - 12/4/2016, Virginia International North Course, 16 Hour Eastern Region Championship, 1st Place

10/2/2016, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, 7 Hour, 1st Place

10/1/2016, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, 7 Hour, 1st Place

8/13/2016 - 8/14/2016, Atlanta Motorsport Park, SCCA, Bracket Enduro, 1st Place (Class)

8/13/2016 - 8/14/2016, Atlanta Motorsport Park, SCCA, Bracket Enduro, 1st Place (Class)

8/5/2016, Circuit of the Americas, 8 Hour, 1st Place (Exception Class)

7/31/2016, GingerMan Raceway, 8 Hour, 1st Place

5/30/2016, Watkins Glen International, 7 Hour "Sahlen's ChumpYard Dog", 1st Place (Exception Class)

5/29/2016, Watkins Glen International, 7 Hour "Sahlen's ChumpYard Dog", 1st Place (Exception Class)

2/6/2016, Road Atlanta, 14 Hour, 1st Place

12/30/2015 - 12/31/2015, Palm Beach International Raceway, "The 38 Hour", 1st Place

5/24/2015, Daytona International Speedway, 14 Hour, 1st Place

2/7/2015, Road Atlanta, 14 Hour, 1st Place

11/15/2014 - 11/16/2014, Eagles Canyon Raceway, "The 37 Hour", 1st Place

11/2/2014, Watkins Glen International, 14 Hour North Region Championship, 1st Place (Non-Qualifiers)

10/4/2014, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, ChumpCar, Overall Sprint Race Day, 1st Place (C Class)

5/25/2014, Daytona International Speedway, 14 Hour, 1st Place

10/6/2013, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, 7 Hour, 1st Place

4/15/2012, BeaveRun, 7 Hour, 1st Place

4/14/2012, BeaveRun, 7 Hour, 1st Place

3/3/2012 - 3/4/2012, Carolina Motorsports Park, "Southern Discomfort",1st Place

3/12/2011, Rockingham Speedway, 7 Hour, 1st Place

9/4/2010 - 9/5/2010, Nelson Ledges Road Course, 24 Hours, 1st Place

2/6/2010 - 2/7/2010, Carolina Motorsports Park, "Southern Discomfort", 1st Place

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There is indeed a chance we would run all three 24 Hours.  Especially so if something like enginerd mentions above of some sort of three race challenge should come to be.  We are always drawn in by challenges.  The bigger the challenge the more draw for us!  We will 100% be doing Nelson Ledges as we consider it one of our two home tracks (along with Pitt Race) and a 24 Hour at Nelson is always EPIC.

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