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Boar Wheels

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In the racing world, every driver needs a trailer to haul their race cars in. Often, these trailers will have 16' or 17.5' tires with a nylon lining, 65 mph speed rating, and nylon lining, making it a weak tire that stretches and bends while turning, overheating, and causing blowouts at 20k-30k miles, or less! Have you heard of Boar Wheels? We created a wheel to align with a 19.5 commercial tire that directly replaces your 16' and 17.5 trailer tires. Instead of the nylon lining, this commercial tire has a steel lining and 4X the tread a regular 16' would. This steel belting also makes for a much stiffer sidewall. This means it turns like a skid steer, instead of bending over itself and causing weak points in the tire that a nylon lining tire does. A 19.5 is the size of tire that is on all UPS, FedEx, delivery trucks, and now MANY horse trailers, construction, and flatbed trailers, campers, etc. Essentially, a Boar Wheel is a larger wheel and less tire that remains the same 32' circumference a 16' and 17.5' have, resulting in higher weight capacity, rated at 80k miles, and speed rating of 80 MPH. Since there is less tire and rubber, this means it has a very low chance of overheating and blowing due to weather. Head over to our website www.boarwheel.com and contact us to get you switched over!

 Pictured below is the amazing difference in tread from a 16' to a 19.5'!  


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