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Looking for Laguna Seca (Dec'17) or Sonoma (Feb'18) ride

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I'm interested in picking up a one or two day ride for either upcoming Laguna Seca or Sonoma Raceway event in a competitive B, C, or D class RWD car (A fast engine-swapped FWD Honda also could be interesting).  I've got a decent bit of experience and most recently helped our team secure a sixth overall (3rd in class) finish at Laguna Seca back in July. I've pretty consistently been the fastest driver on the team with quick, clean laps. I'm happy to drive in the dry or in the rain, and I'll help your team push towards the front while respecting the equipment.


Anyone out there with a fast BMW e30 or e36 who wants to make a serious go at a top finishing spot? Happy to send over in car video w/telemetry, prior event stats, as well as team personal references about my abilities, team spirit, and what I bring to the team.


I'm happy to bring my tools, video equipment, telemetry (lap data recorder setup/high performance GPS/OBDII equipment, live streaming video setup, food, or whatever else is needed.

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