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Barber Practice Day???


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Time for us to get our plans locked down and would like to know if Barber will have a practice day? Since we have a long 12-13 hour tow it would be helpful with planning on tow  and drivers 

needing to get a look at the track since it is our first time south.

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I'd like to. I just moved into my house last week and I've got a massive list of things I need to get done around there.


That said, my sim rig was setup and functional before I had a place to sit or sleep, so I should be able to make one happen! 


What days work for anyone interested?

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I'm going to host a few iRacing practice sessions in the coming weeks leading up to Barber. Short notice, but I'll hold the first session today. Anyone and everyone is welcome. The more the merrier!


Date: 11-2-17

Practice: 7:30pm-9:30pm ET

Race: 9:30-10:00pm ST (1 pit stop req)

Car: MX-5 Cup (baseline settings)

Weather: default 


I'll probably try to hold i-practice weekly on Thursday if that works for most. If you'd like to see a different car added let me know and I can try to BOP it with ballast.


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Well as it turned out we could have all enjoyed a practice day after all, some of us from the north know how to drive in snow!

Might have been a real day of crash and burn.


Ok enough random thoughts on the past and what could have been.

Was still a great time for a first run of Barber and the historic Snow fell On Alabama!


Back to work :-( 

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