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Not even close to Official "How to Win at Chumpcar" thread.

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This is supposed to be a thread where all of the fast teams can give their quick input on how to win Chumpcar races.


I haven't been to the top step of the podium for almost a year, so I will defer to the forum.....



#1) Run race gas.  This is a must in order to podium.  In fact, even with a stock engine this will make your car immediately move up the standings.


#2) Hire Randy Pobst to drive your car for the entire race.  Clone Randy so that he doesn't get penalized for not taking the 1 hour off between stints.


#3) Get an MR2 and put a Camry engine in it.  It would be helpful if you are only 5 feet tall.


#4) Run all of the AERO!  All of it.  Talk to GWR.  (this is the only actual thing that might help you actually win races....)


#5) Swap in a JDM engine (especially if you are running a cavalier and the engine is identical in every way).  This is sure to make you either EC or win.



With this 5 step process, you are guaranteed a trophy (even if you actually finish in 27th place).



Yep, I think that sums up the forum for the past month or so....

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1 hour ago, Kentite said:

7. If your car is FWD swap the trans to get better gear ratios but don’t claim a diff change on top of it.


Don't forget to swap in a JDM as well because they are only a "little" bit different.

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3 hours ago, gr1vlet said:

10. Avoid racing in the SE :ph34r:

Race out west.  Odds can be 5 times better than Daytona (because there are only one fifth the number of cars)


When we are done with all of this fun, we are going to delete this whole thread, right?   Don't want to scare off newcomers!

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