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FS: Wrecked Honda Challenge EG (92-95 Civic HB)

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Unfortunately do not have the space, time, or money to fix this car. I do believe the car is fixable, and can provide additional pictures if you need to show your body shop guy, etc. So I'll just list out the "good" of the car and maybe someone can use it, instead of me taking it to the crusher for scrap metal. 

1992 Civic CX
I do posses the title 
Was raced in Honda Challenge H2 (Mid-Atl) for the past two years


- 8pt rollcage by Competition Cages in NC
- X door bars (un-intersected) with taco gussets. These are pushed into the door
- Footwell protection
- A pillar plate gussets + tube gussets
- Car has a NASA logbook 
- Will come with grey dash 

Other than that the car will be pretty much bare
- No wiring
- No suspension (can most likely leave the subframe and steering rack, these items are more than likely bent)
- No fuel tank

What you need
- front clip or find driver/pass frame rails
- core support
- driver side quarter panel 
- Wiring (I can throw in a spare cabin harness I have)

Car is located in Northern Virginia and I need this thing gone soon as my car new car comes back from the cage shop in a few weeks

Price - lets say $500 OBO


Photo album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/IW0ns6EKAo2f3Gdk2



IMG_8640.jpg IMG_8700.HEIC.jpg IMG_8701.HEIC.jpg

IMG_8702.HEIC.jpg IMG_8703.HEIC.jpg IMG_8704.HEIC.jpg

IMG_8705.HEIC.jpg IMG_8706.HEIC.jpg IMG_8707.HEIC.jpg

IMG_8757.HEIC.jpg IMG_8758.HEIC.jpg IMG_8759.HEIC.jpg

IMG_8760.HEIC.jpg IMG_8761.HEIC.jpg

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On 11/3/2017 at 1:37 PM, navin said:

I actually stumbled upon your video on Youtube recently haha. You all did a great job of fixing it. I got lucky and found another shell for cheap, so decided to go that route. 



Thanks... yea.. the repair went great... We raced the entire 2016 season with it.. and part of 2017 till it met it's demise.


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