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Chumpionship Video Thread


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So as not to get lost in the clutter of the Official Thread:


Hong Norrth Racing #163 "Grumpy Butt"


Sunday Morning, starting around 9:50am:  The left rear hub bearings were loose after we hit the wall Saturday and the trailing arm bolts loosened Sunday creating some "interesting" handling characteristics that required us to tiptoe through T16 every lap.


Saturday start of the race:

2017 Eastern Chumpionship at AMP- Hong Norrth Supra Peter St. Pierre Stint 1 

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My 8-10 stint in the Brew Krewe E30 on Sunday.  I didn't know it at the time, but we had a slow leak in the RR causing me to loose confidence in left handers especially the T4 carousel.  I looped it on about the 3rd lap, but kept going.  I fought it for a while then finally lost it around the 60 min mark trying to keep up with the E-Racng E30 that had gotten back by me.  Unfortunately I hit the armco this time resulting in a long fix in the pits.  We checked tire pressures when I got back to the pits.  I had 28 in the RR and 39 in the LR.  Fortunately we were able to finish the race.  Video also shows all the other teams coming over to help us fix our car!  Thanks @Huggy Running Bulls, JAS, E-Racing!

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