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Reading the many posts and having emails from several of you about why I am running for BOD and what I would bring to the table. Here’s the answer.


I have a strong background in business management, finance, engineering and leadership on numerous non-profit and private enterprise boards. Usually bringing insightful creative leadership to any organization.


Okay, so much for the blah, blah BS. Why would you want me on the Chump Board, or not.


If you want a series with really fast cars, limited restrictions and teardown after race

monitoring, don’t vote for me. 


If you want fast cars, the highest level of competition within the original goals of Chumpcar to bring affordable racing to everyone with reasonable restrictions you might want to consider me.


Every series has cheaters all the way to the top of NASCAR and F1. To think we can eliminate it in Chump is not realistic, nor financially practical. What can be done is minimize it and keep the playing field as level as reasonable with the consideration to keeping the financial investment down as the primary consideration. You can build a very fast Lexus Sc300 within the rules.  The engine swap concept being new will get better with tweaking and allow upgrades with cheap junkyard engines and keep cars where parts are becoming difficult to find on track.


So, what needs to change?

1. As the racing gets faster, and it has, and keeping the multiple classes will always mean a vast difference in speeds. Having racers on track who have never been on a track before is maybe not a good idea. I took a three day Skip Barber School and then another single day school before my first race and I still was intimidated that first race. I was smart enough to stay the hell out of the way, but many first timers don’t seem to get the hang of that. There should be some minimum requirement of track time at HPDE’s and or schools before getting on track. Maybe send them to that sour fruit league as a JV starting point.

2. People show up in 18wheeler professional rigs, down to beat up 16’ open trailers like mine with all levels of equipment. This to me is the core of Chumpcar racing and should never change. To that end, we need to monitor the changes to rules which allow expensive add-ons and modifications to allow those without deep pockets or the engineering and shop capability to participate.  Many times I see the big rigs pulling out with their broken cars while we’re still turning laps with our junkyard engine. That’s what it’s all about. Great racing at an affordable price.


In general I think the Chump board and staff do an excellent job. No organization with thousands of members is ever going to please everyone. When most of the things are right, make change slowly and deliberately with input from membership. That is what I would bring to the board an open invitation to have your issues discussed. Either through personal contact at the track or via phone, text, email.


I’ll be at Barber with Running Bulls Racing stop by and say hello.

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