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Miata parts for sale CHEAP


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My old '96 is gone, and the new Miata sports a 2.4 Ecotec.  As a result, I have a lot of old Miata parts I'm selling cheap! I've thrown some away, but the rest can be had by a Miata team at Laguna. Here's what I have:


-a case of non-Anheiser Busch beer will get you 2 MAFs, 2 stock radiators, a water pump and a few other things like an alternator belt.  I don't want to drag this stuff around any longer.

-another 2 cases of beer (or $50) will get you a set of 15 inch wheels with tires.  The tires are very serviceable Star Specs, could certainly be used in a race.  Most of them have a lot of meat on them.  I actually have 5 wheels like this, the 5th is throw in.  

-a set of 15s (7.5s) great rims with good Star Specs on them.  You could probably race the whole weekend at Laguna on these tires.  I want $250 for this set.  I CAN use them, but we went wider so I'd prefer not to.  Otherwise I'll burn these up on test days and sell the rims, which are perfect.  Prolly $400 for the wheels new, and the tires have $300 of meat on them easily.  This is a great deal for anyone needing 4 X 100 wheels.  


Thanks!  PM me if interested.  If crickets, I might just start pitching stuff.  

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I prefer a lager!  Just not Bud or any Bud products.  Hate IPAs and hoppy beer, so anything other than that!  


I will consider the good rims and the parts sold!  Now if I could just get some beer for the first 15 inch set I'd be set (on beer).  LOL

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