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How about a header for good threads

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I'm new and reading all sorts of threads if seen a few build threads. The problem is that they are spread out all over it joined a team building a 78 Chevy Monza. The build thread is invaluable info as to avoiding others mistakes and the shared knowledge. My thought is putting them all under one heading would help. I was reading one the other day and now I can't find it 

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16 minutes ago, Rhett said:

I was older one I couldn't see pics and now I'm not sure what car. I was on like page 7 and he was still working on roll cage. 


That would probably be this thread which is probably the most detailed one you will find.



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Can I suggest making it a Build & Fabrication forum so its not just about full car builds?  It would be cool to have a central place to post up individual fab projects in addition to full car builds.  I learn so much seeing other's work and the techniques they use.

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