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Introduction to iRacing and Sim Hardware


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What is the preferred choice of mic setup? I am completely "box stock" with my Rift S. The sound is actually not terrible, but I am not opposed to a real headset or earbuds or attached ear speakers for the Rift.


Rift S has one port (I am assuming for speakers), what do I do for mic? Built-in setups? Stand alone? Bluetooth? Long cable and bundle with Rift cord? Desk mounted mic?? What about talking platform? iRacing, TeamSpeak? 


Learn me plzzzz.

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On 11/28/2017 at 9:14 AM, Chris Huggins said:

It is so hard for me to get behind iRacing's subscription based service along with paid content.


I can see a subscription based service where all content is available

I can see a free-to-play service where all content is paid

I miss the purchase once and get a complete game days


Seems like they are double dipping, and what do you get for your subscription anyways...  Have they updated the game or added any free content lately?

I 100% agreed with your comment. I somewhat stopped getting on iRacing this year as I did renew my sub for 1 year as iRacing is so expensive where you have to buy every little things at a pretty high price too. I mean $14.95 for a car and track? I can understand like $2.99 or something like that but the current prices for the cars and tracks are very high.


As for the sim, I believe for the money you paid for iRacing, it is not even the best physics, tire model out there. I have been most on Assetto Corsa, and ACC, rFactor2. The title in my opinion has much better graphics, physic and tire model than iRacing has. Also, you do not have to buy any tracks, cars as those AC is modable and if don't have the track or car, just simply go to https://www.racedepartment.com/ and find it to download it all for FREE. 


On a last note, I have been using World Sim Series simracing.gp and SRS. All of those communities uses AC, ACC, rFactor2, Automobilista 2. They are free to join and to race daily. There is premium services you can pay at fracture of what iRacing charges and you can win rides on a real race teams and cash prizes as well. Go check it out! 

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On 2/10/2021 at 9:48 PM, mug23 said:

 I can understand like $2.99 or something like that but the current prices for the cars and tracks are very high.


I joined iRacing to work on driver development. 


My real life option for driver development include doing a 3 day class at Mid-Ohio for $2500, or doing multiple real life life track days that run $200 and up just for entry not to mention consumables. 


With $2500 I bought my rig, a subscription, and a dozen tracks or so and run with ChampCar iRacing Series, and have some $ left over. 

For $200 - cost of a single track day - I can get access to 10-15 tracks and cars that never need money for tires, gas or repair for that price. 


I believe there are cheaper ways to race online, I'm just looking at relative value. 

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40 minutes ago, ASenna said:

What are the minimum license requirements to participate?  



For the practice rounds, there is no license requirement. For the championship rounds, minimum is a Road D license with >2.0 safety rating.

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@mgoblue06 I think Logitech is still probably your best bet for budget gear although they have gone up in price during the last year. I would say that Thrustmaster is probably a small step up from Logitech. Next step is Fanatec, their gear has an entry level and expert level. If I were to buy a new wheel, I'd go for the VRS direct drive and pair it with a set of ProtoSimTech pedals and a Fanatec Shifter that does H pattern and sequential.  If it's in the budget, get pedals with a load cell brake, they measure pressure (like a real pedal) instead of distance (potentiometer) and will allow you to be much more consistent quicker. I hope that helps, reach out to me if you need more advice. 

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