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Harbor Freight Christmas Sale

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That is one of the funniest things I have seen this year.  I would add "FREE buyer's remorse with every purchase!"


On Will's recommendation, I bought a US General Tool Chest.  I think it will probably be pretty decent, but the rubber mat they included for the top of it had the worst industrial smell in the world.  I left it outside for 3 days.  I washed it in super hot, super soapy water twice using a scrub brush.  I put it outside again, this time for a week.  It still stinks and gives me an immediate headache when I am within 6 feet of it.  I'm on a 2 week trip - when I get home it will probably still stink and I will throw it out.  I have been thinking "what kind of toxins are in the factory where this is made?"  I can't help but wonder if the life expectancy of a HF factory worker isn't approximately equal to that of the batteries that they include with their products.  Scary to think about....

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