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Practice Race at *SEBRING* - 12/14/2017


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Our first foray to the west (best?) coast this week, with a practice round in preparation for the upcoming ChampCar race at Laguna Seca. Same format as Barber; default weather, required pitstop, and rolling start. Please note that the start times are 30 minutes later this week, as we do our best to accommodate our colleagues on PST.


The best laid plans of Miatas and men often go awry.....


Due to iRacing still dealing with a netcode bug that precludes any sort of side-by-side racing down the start-finish straight at Laguna Seca, we unfortunately have to change the venue of tonight's race to Sebring (in preparation for the next event on the ChampCar on the calendar). However, we will be running the Club configuration of the circuit as we will run the full config in a subsequent event.


Please note as well that the Miata setup will have sufficient fuel to finish the race due to an ongoing pit bug specific to this car. Please note that if you do need to pit in the race, please take all 4 tires - this will reduce the risk of the bug impacting your race.


Session Details


  • Date: Thursday, 14-December-2017
  • Practice Start: 6:00pm EST
  • Qualifying Start: 8:00pm EST
  • Race Start: 9:15pm EST
  • Cars: Street Stock, 2016 Global Mazda Cup
  • Track: Sebring Club
  • Weather: iRacing Default
  • Setup: Fixed, Baseline (Miata), Modified Baseline (Street Stock)


Any questions, please let us know in this thread, and we look forward to seeing everyone on track!

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Have you seen or been aware of the netcode issue with Laguna Seca that was happening over WK13 that leaked into WK1 of regular season? The official schedule for cars at that track was changed because of it, just a heads up.


Similarly, not sure if its only affecting MX5, but the getting stuck in the pits issue has also leaked its way into the first week of the regular season, too. So much so that its kind of messed with Advanced Mazda Cups schedule at Spa. Maybe just to alleviate these issues the MX5 can run a fuel load that doesn't require pitting? 


These are my most looked forward to sessions of the week, just want it to be a good one for everybody!



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I practiced a Seca pit the other day and got stuck in the pits. I couldn't figure it out, thought it was user error.  @Rapido I agree with @Matt Ragsdale that we should look into running enough fuel for 45 minutes. 7 gallons should do the trick in the Miata. 

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Thanks guys. There is a hotfix being deployed by iRacing tomorrow morning. If this addresses both issues then we will stick with the setup as it is; if not then I will update the session with an updated setup for the Miata to prevent a pit stop being required.


Note for those that are forced into a pitstop in any case - taking all 4 tires will usually prevent the bug from occurring.

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3 hours ago, Rapido said:

The released patch this morning did not apparently fix either Laguna or pitstop issue, so we are moving the round tonight to Sebring. Sorry to all our west coast friends, we'll hopefully be visiting again soon!


Well this sucks. I know I am going to sounds like a whiner but thats old news. Laguna Seca is this weekend, not Sebring. The pit seems to be working if you take 4 tires, I dont think most users even know how to disable tire changes. 

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