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Well, bought turbo 87 rx. Supposedly been raced. No stock oil injector, no stock fan, lots of tubes running to intakes, some small device that is supposed to boost performance. How can I determine what’s on it, and any warning lights going off in you guys’ heads that would help a 70 yr. old noob to the rotary world? Thanks so much

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That depends, is the "small device that is supposed to boost performance" the turbo?  :lol: 


Is it a stock turbo?  Other than that there is not really much you can do that would add points to a turbo rotary engine.  Port as you wish, no points.  You may find a number of points in the suspension, especially if it has adjustable shocks.  FYI your car starts at 275 + 100 = 375 points, it is 100 points added for a turbo.


Also, a turbo rotary may not last very long.  On the street a turbo rotary was usually done around 60,000 miles.

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