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-99 Prelude $1200 Blacksburg VA

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I picked up a -99 Prelude Automatic as a parts car, but I’m having second thoughts about it as it is a bit too nice. 2 adult owners, unmolested, just over 200k miles but feels very tight and strong. Peeling clearcoat on hood and roof, but looking really nice under the hood and in the trunk and interior is exceptionally nice. 


Option 1/ Someone just buys the car and you figure out what to do with it. For $1200 I’d keep the 17” wheels and sell it with the original 16” wheels with quite good BFG Sport 205/50/16

Option 2/ Someone sells me a pedal assembly, shifter and cables and I’ll convert it to a 5-speed. I have all the other stuff I’d need for doing that. 

Option 3/ You help me get over my laziness by buying some parts off it. The H22 Engine seems really healthy, and all other bits and pieces look good too. 

Option 4/ You ask me to take the drivetrain and some other miscellaneous bits that fit my Accord and then you come and pick up the nice rust free roller chassis for $300 and build yourself a nice race car from. 


Help me from having to make the decision all by myself!






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Ok, so I got bored and started parting it out. If there’s anyone who needs any Prelude parts, let me know before Jan 8 when the remains goes to the junkyard. 


The H22A runs really nice, and the interior is almost “as new”. 


If someone would want the body for free (as a spare tub, or for building a race car?) please let me know. The strange thing is that there is zero rust, it really looks like a 2-year old car underneath. 

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