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Cone Crushers Crush India

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For anyone who would like to folllow our adventure:


Nearly 10 years ago, Two of my college friends, Will Houtz and Tommy Schultz, completed a 10,000 mile drive starting in Europe and ended in Mongolia. It looked like the most epic adventure anyone could ever embark on and I had to do something similar. 


The conversation with Rich began shortly after. We. Have. To. Do. This. 


Looking on the host of the adventure’s website (aptly named The Adventurists) we determined that the Rickshaw Run was the one we would do one day. 


Originally this run was across the jungle of Indonesia, 3500 kilometers across the jungle; however, the scenery has since changed to India. 


Rich, Brian (my college roommate), and I will be racing approximately 80 other teams in a Moto rickshaw, which is a glorified 7hp lawnmower 2500km from Jaisalmer, India in the top NW corner to the bottom SW tip to Cochin, India over the next 3 weeks, raising money and awareness for an Indian children’s 


Rickshaws break.  A lot. Anyone who knows me knows that a repair of any kind is way more than I can handle. That’s where our friend Rich comes in. 


Rich can fix anything, so I’ll be relying on him (solely) to keep this ridiculous machine going. 


Brian is going to serve as our bouncer. He has what they call “trophy arms” so Rich and I will be relying on his expertise in intimidation to keep us safe. 


I have very few skills, and am probably the most ill-suited for this adventure. I’m the city kid, but one thing I can do is talk my way out of a jam.  So hopefully, that’s where I won’t have to come in. If luck goes our way, I’ll just be the “gentleman driver” but we’ll see. 


So here it goes. The Cone Crushers are headed to India. Let’s hope they have 110 race gas where we’re headed. 


If you would like to follow our ridiculous adventure, check out the Cone Crushers Facebook page.  I’ll update it as much as possible. 


If you’d like to check out more about the organization, check out http://www.theadventurists.com/


If you want more info on the charity we’re supporting, please message me. 


See you crazy chumps at Road Atlanta.

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