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The forum is secondary. that will come later.

The website is number one. 

I have just completed all of the transfer of the HTML to the new pages. 

Because of the custom code that we use for the registration, I could not integrate it with the new look. I'll work on those style sheets later.
But the new reg works and is connected to the payment system. 
The CMS works, and I still need to do some slight tweaks. 

The BOD still needs to review. I ran a bit late as we had the Sebring race to complete. All this work and not enough clock time.

I got home from Sebring around noon and have been working since. weee.


Most likely the BOD will review it tomorrow, and I'll send it live.


hell. how much trouble can I get into for sending it live now? lol


I have saved some aspects and layout of the old system to make it an easier transition for you guys. like the calendar and the race schedule list.

I am having second thoughts about scrapping the forum. I need to have a talk with Mike this week. It's amazing what you think about when you are stuck in the back seat of a Ram 3500 2x4 long bed 6-speed manual with all the "danger we are going to die" lamps on the gauge cluster. Shit gets real.

I know everyone wants bling, they want flash, and they want fancy this and that on the websites.
I build for the little guy. You want to get to our site and do your business with Easy to find info.  I also make it so that if I can't update stuff, someone can come in and do it quickly and easily using today's standard software and templates. It saves the club money, and it makes it so any CCES employee can make changes on the fly. 

It also allows us to not solely rely on Facebook for instant updates. Our event directors can update the news section after any event with quick and easy blog style templates. The same goes for our safety & tech folks. With a bit of training, even Mr. Chisek can sign his name to this joint.


Desktop, tablet, and mobile-ready.

here is a sneak peak.




The new calendar will allow you to export all events via an ICS file to your personal calendar. I'll have more features later.m I just wanted to get the basics sorted. And don't fret, I have saved the old race schedule format as well.



The registration system stays the same. Nothing changes. Your username and password are exactly the same. Nothing new. Well, except the colors. I may have missed a ChumpCar spelling somewhere in here, so if you find it, please let me know. I have to be very, very careful with the code as to not disturb the magic smoke. So no find and replace. It was all manual.




Ok. back to work I go. Happy new year!!!







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2 hours ago, Bill Strong said:

I may keep this forum alive and just link it, instead of integrating it. Like it is now.

What if I just made some inflammatory comments and burned bridges with the expectation that it would all be wiped away at midnight??!?!

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I was up until 330am.

I have a few things left to do. 

For now, the forum is staying. I have made a command decision.


now m wife wants to go see some Chinese Terra Cotta pots in Richmond, Va. Some museum. 



so will tr and complete the small fixes and deplo the website. and m wh has topped working



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12 minutes ago, Bill Strong said:

I was up until 330am.

I have a few things left to do. 

For now, the forum is staying. I have made a command decision.




12 minutes ago, Bill Strong said:


so will tr(y) and complete the small fixes and deplo(y) the website. and m(y) w(ater)h(eater) has (s)topped working

I thought you didn't drink?  Did you misspell keyboard?

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