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New Guy Needs Directions for "Getting In."

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I have been watching Chump Car for several years and am now looking for a way in to driving in 2018.  I hope someone will be able to give me good suggestions.  Here's where I stand and what I bring to the table.

I suppose it is like any sport - SHOW UP being the first one (#1)

#2 Don't be afraid of work. It isn't all clean shirts and shifting gears

#3 Be open to learning.

Those seem to work with anything else I've ever done.

My skills:

On paper I have none. One of my favorite quotes is from Danny Sullivan (anyone remember him?) He grew up not too far from where I did and when he was once asked why he was successful he said, basically, "I'm no better than any of the guys I grew up with, I just happen to be one who survived."  He was a country kid who drove like hell around the back roads when he was growing up. Yeah, nobody wants a wild card.  I get that.  But I am the guy who would have easily been voted "Most likely to get a ticket" if such a thing existed in high school. Now I would get the "Where does that guy have to be?" award. I have always loved driving and continually find myself wondering why I'm the only one taking a line through empty roundabouts and braking late into corners. As a kid, while the other kids were drag racing their muscle cars, I was besting road times from this point to that in a stock 86 CRX or TR-6 (not easy).

I have not been to a professional driving school, almost surely cannot hold a candle to most of the drivers out there who sit in their garages practicing heel n toe, and I am in my late 40s.  On the other hand, I show up, don't mind getting dirty, and like to learn.  Researching now to get involved in second quarter of the year.  Louisville KY area is home. I also have the ability to get around the country with work benefits. Maybe you would like a rookie that makes you look good?  Maybe you always like adding people to the group?  Or, maybe you cannot help but wonder if I have any clue to get four wheels around a track.  Whatever the case, any input, or offerings of pity, are welcome.

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Your best bet would be to find a local open lapping day and take a car around to get a feel of maneuvering around the track, corners at speed as well as dealing with traffic both infront and behind you.


To jump in on a race weekend may be a bit much to handle and overwhelming... but can/has been done... 


One of our newest drivers was a newbie at the beginning of 2017 and has becoming one of the fastest drivers on the team/series..We've had a near retirement aged driver race for the first time with us and did exceptionally well.. My team is always looking for new talent.. so you never know.


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