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Will rubber fuel hose survive soaked in tank?


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52 minutes ago, turbogrill said:



I have steel braided lines in my tank from the hydramat to the bulk fittings.

Prpblem is that the steel braided lines are so stiff so it bends the hydramat.


Can i hose normal fuel hoses inside a tank? Can they be submerged?



A lot of in-tank factory pumps have submersible rubber connectors from the OEM. For example, Mustangs have an S-shaped submersible rubber hose in the hanger assembly. 

You can get submersible fuel hose or PTFE corrugated hose. 


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6 hours ago, cagedruss said:

most likely unless you are using Teflon steel braid you steel braid is easy rubber hose. As long as the hose is rated for current fuel with the 10% ethonal you will be ok. 


you can always Fab up a metal pick up tube if you are worried.

what he said..

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Use the 30J10 at a minimum, but here is a picture of what happened to a 30J10 hose that I had attached to my Hydramat. Now I have -8 braid and it seems to work fine but knowing what I know now if I ever do another one I will use ½ inch aluminum hard line. They are easy to make up with some -8 nuts and ferrules, will last forever and have the added advantage of providing some extra stability for your Hydramat. 


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I use the rubber line that ATL uses on all there factory in tank stuff.  its rated for use in methanol so it holds up to gas just fine.  ATL PN: TF197, accepts standard -8 pushlock ends.  Kinda pricey bu you don't need much and Iv'e never had a failure using the stuff.  

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Inside our cell we had rubber hose that was rated but I went to a solid steel line as it served a better function, it kept the hydro-mat in place at the bottom.

It took some effort to get it to the correct length but it works well.


The rubber hose was fuel rated but I just did not want it to have any flex or movement. 

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Looks like I am stuck with steelbraided to the hydramat, can't get it off :(

Managed to get it repositioned better, but our tank is so wide so the 15x15 mat only covers a small section. Maybe fuel cell at some point...



This is the steel braided I have in my tank https://www.summitracing.com/parts/FRA-603008 . Should be ok? 

The rubberhose is a regular fuel hose, it serves as return.



Does the hardlines have flex in them? How else do you manage to remove the "lid" with the bulk fittings? 



...I have spent so much time trying to get a perfect fuel system, it's hard!

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