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Moving forum.chumpcar.com to forum.champcar.org

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1 hour ago, Team Infiniti said:

Is this our "new" forum as opposed to switching to a different format?



I decided to stay with this format. I did not want you guys ballooning out of control by having to start all over. I know how much you guys love hot air and decided that an angry crowd of members was like a Champcar legal stock fuel tank that has been re-engineered, 99.9999% will be okay, but with that slight chance that California C.A.R.B. will go nuts with the small drip of fuel.

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On 1/11/2018 at 1:52 PM, Bill Strong said:

and the move is complete.
thanks folks!

Glad we kept the whole thing.  I'm used to skipping over the irrelevant banter mixed in with some great content


Fixing bookmarks much easier than starting over

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