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FREE* 1997 Acura Integra - Delaware

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Getting rid of my 97 Integra LS.  2-door, 5 speed.  212,000 miles on the chassis.  Bought it for $500 five years ago and blew the head gasket last week.  Free to any ChampCar team (or anyone else who stumbles across this post).  Not race prepped at all.  Engine is a boat anchor; the head is likely warped and it burned a quart of oil for each tank of gas before that.  The trans shifts well but makes some noise - no guarantees.  The rest of the running gear is in generally serviceable condition.  Newish radiator and steering rack.  Normal rust for a 20 year old northeast car.  Located in northern Delaware.  Clear title in hand.


I might post some pictures if I get around to it.  I'll be checking here for interest; in three weeks it's going to the scrapyard.


* Free really does mean free, but you'll have to haul it away yourself.

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