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Am very good friends with a local top notch engine and machine shop and they have been stuck with a short block and full rotating assembly for a year and a half.

The young lad did not pay or pick it up so it is available for machining cost and I have attached a invoice copy for anyone to review.  FYI I know nothing about Honda's

so I will just point you to the shop with the motor. Since I am in Iowa if someone wants the assembly I would be happy to drag it along for a track delivery if that will help.

We will race April Road America, NCM, Gingerman and finish I think at Barber.


If you want to contact the shop, D&R Engine and Machine, Marion Iowa 319-377-5561 and ask for Randy. Nothing in this for me as I am just trying to help them get paid for their 


b16 dr engine.pdf

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9 hours ago, JoeHeitzRules said:

How much is your friend looking to get for the block? I am interested and will be racing at Road America in April.

If a person will pay for the machine work less the storage fee you get everything with all the machine work done.

Happy to drag it along if you make a deal, give Randy a call to discuss.

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