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Safety equipment clarification


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I pulled this out of the other thread on harness expiration.  I'm hoping @Mopar 63 and/or @chisek could chime in and maybe add the official response on these to the Technical Q&A forum?


The valid date/expiration date is explicitly called out for certain components in the 2018 BCCR, but not for others.  There have been reports of items being rejected as expired by Tech @ the racetrack.  I'm hoping these can be clarified for everybody (including the tech inspectors) Series wide.


In July of 2016 (per the post from @chisek) a petition was submitted to the board to formalize the expiration of harnesses (and window nets) to a 2 year expiration.  As far as I can tell that petition was *NOT* accepted. (Editorial comment: thank goodness, 2 years is way too often for our level of racing IMHO)


The BCCR for 2018 *specifically* calls out the expiration of harnesses in their own subsection (BCCR 3.4).  Harnesses expire December 31st 4 years after date of manufacture for SFI-only rated, December 31st of dated year of expiration for FIA.  That is in 3.4 (harnesses) ONLY. 

This one is clear!


The separate subsection on window nets and arm restraints (BCCR 3.5) does NOT state any expiration term.

*When* do other SFI items expire?  4 years, same as harnesses?


The section on helmets (BCCR 3.10) states a specific date range (SA2010 or newer) for helmets but states that helmet restraint systems (HANS) must only be of FIA or SFI approved type (no date range/expiration called out)  Helmets are clear, HANS are not. 

*When* do HANS tethers expire (assuming its just the tethers and not the $500+ dollar collar)?  4 years, same as harnesses?


The section of suits (BCCR 3.11) *specifically* states that they do NOT expire  but must be maintained in good condition. 

This one is clear!


Fuel cells, if installed,  must be SFI or FIA rated (as required by BCCR ). 

Fuel cells DO NOT expire if maintained in good working order?




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Belts are 4 yrs or if  crappy looking, replace.  Condition being the vital value under 4 yrs. +12 months ? 


The window net has had no expiration rules  for any sanction other then WC.  If it looks like poo it will not pass.    


Same with HNR straps, if frayed , replace regardless of age.   They do rub in some placements on the  straps.

   There may be a 5 yr rule hiding some place for them also.  The original manufacturer  should be able to service the straps and the normal time frame is 5 yrs. 

 Fuel cells  dont  technically expire.  They just get looking like poo  and nobody wants that.


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Submitted my clarification request via email, Phil's as-official-as-they-get-short-of-a-BCCR-change responses below...


*When* do other SFI items expire?  4 years, same as harnesses?
That's correct same as belts


*When* do HANS tethers expire?

<snipped from his copy/paste of the manufacturer maintenance instructions>
Tethers are dated. Replace every 5 years, after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed.

Fuel cells DO NOT expire if maintained in good working order?

There is no expiration date on fuel cells.


So in summary:  cells don't expire, harnesses/window nets/etc expire at end of 4 years, and HANS tethers should be replaced per manufacturers' 5 year recommendation.  Suits and helmets per BCCR.

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