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1984 Pontiac Firebird SE $1500

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1984 Pontiac Firebird SE bad motor. $1500
Factory 5 speed with 4 wheel disc brakes.

I put endless hours and $7,000 into this car for a single race at the Ridge. The car put down the 5th fastest lap before losing a valve.
Motor is/was an Archie Summers 70's 350. Many extra parts go with the car. Place a new motor in the car and enjoy many races in the upcoming 2018 race series.

The car is safe! Professionally built roll cage with fire suppression. Everything works but the motor and it is registered and up to date tags for road testing.

Sorry to see it go contact  Greg in Sisters, Oregon 541-61oh-53nineeight



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7 minutes ago, jmabarone said:

Yep, go to Jegs and get a brand new engine for 2k... or any junkyard and get a decent 350 for 500 bucks.

My 5.7 Vortec was 375.


Buy two and have a spare. Cheap power.


If it was in IL I'd probably buy it and stash it. Great price for a ready to go car. Hell, I dropped a G just for a rolling, albeit caged, frame.

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