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Your friendly league administrator here, creating a central thread for useful tips and insights for those of us who are newcomers to iRacing and simracing in general. Similar to the hardware and paints threads, this should serve as a reference to answer basic questions and act as a repository of accumulated knowledge to help interested members of the community. I will edit this top post to include any additions as time goes on.






iRacing is not a terribly demanding program for your PC - any mid-range computer should be able to easily run the sim at a comfortable frame rate. For example, I have an i5 processor and Nvidia 980 graphics card and am able to average 160fps in most circumstances on my single-monitor desk setup. It is when you are looking at expanding to triple monitors or VR that performance spec becomes more important.




A high quality internet connection is important to get the most out of iRacing, due to the fact that all racing takes place on iRacing servers to which you have to connect and constantly send and receive information. For this reason, a fast internet connection is not necessarily important, but a low ping and high quality connection is advantageous. Connecting your computer direct to your router (as opposed to a wireless network) will also improve your connection tremendously as wireless networks are prone to interference which can impact connection quality. If you see cars blinking and bouncing around the limits of the track, this is typically down to a poor connection as the server is struggling to update their position consistently and accurately.




Although you can play iRacing with any sort of controller, a force-feedback enabled wheel is the only practical choice. There are plenty of options available from reasonably-priced entry level wheels to bespoke and fully customized custom hardware. Once you have the wheel, it is important to setup the force feedback options correctly within the iRacing client. As there are a myriad of different wheels and configurations, the iRacing Forums are often the best resource for this information. Once on track, it is useful to adjust your force feedback to suit the car and track characteristics in the session. To do this, once you've completed at least one lap, hit F9 on your keyboard and you should see the Force Feedback level with the word "Auto" next to it. If you click Auto, then the client will scale the force feedback to ensure that you are not clipping based upon the feedback from the first lap and ensure good fidelity without losing any feedback.






Along with the iRacing "baseline" setups, there are a myriad of parameters that can be altered on each car. Most rookie series (including the ChampCar League) are fixed setup, but as you advance up the ladder setup will become more important. The forums are again a good resource for starting points each week, and the SetupSync database has a lot of setups to download and try.




As well as the basic paint schemes you can customize using the iRacing website interface, a lot of drivers and teams run a third party program called Trading Paints to use more complex and customized liveries. Our team graphic designer @tifosi360 has put together this excellent guide to walk newcomers through loading and desigining custom liveries.




Pit Stops


These are definitely factor in our ChampCar Series, and in most of the longer series races and endurance special events on iRacing. It can be important to manage your fuel and tire strategy accordingly. The F4 and F5 buttons will indicate your fuel levels and tire change options respectively. You can use this information to calculate your fuel requirements on the fly, and setup your next pit stop. Additionally, a lot of us at HJ Motorsport use Joel Real Timing to manage our races - this program will calculate precise fuel requirements and can be programmed to add exactly that amount of fuel to the car at the next stop.

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14 hours ago, Jamie said:

Is there a easy way to disable taking tires during a pit stop. Currently I need to go and unclick each tire in the tire window to do this 




Here is a relatively comprehensive list of macros you can utilize in text chat to alter your pit stop.


I'm far too lazy to set this up, so it is mouse and chaotic driving down the straights.

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13 minutes ago, red0 said:

I am in the process of acquiring a computer and monitor, and have a steering wheel and pedal set from my Dad's Xbox 360 (see below). Will the steering wheel and pedal set be compatible with a computer and iRacing? 


Do you know the make/model? If it's PC compatible, then it should be iRacing compatible.


Welcome aboard! 

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On 4/2/2020 at 12:26 PM, B-Rad said:


Do you know the make/model? If it's PC compatible, then it should be iRacing compatible.


Welcome aboard! 

It works

If anyone wants to run a practice race let me know, I need to learn how to do this. 

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