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(Another) Help me pick tire!

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Some one called for more constructive threads, here is one!


The RS-4 in 245/40/15 is sold out and will not be available before our next race.




Car is ~2700 lbs, some but not enough negative camber.


These are my options on 15x10:

- 225/45/15 RS4

- 245/40/15 VR-1

- 245/40/15 Rival S 1.5


So questions is, should I go down in width to be able to use the awesome RS4? Or will the 245 VR-1 be better? Any point of running the Rival S? 


(I haven't gotten the 15x10 steelies yet..)

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22 hours ago, turbogrill said:


Where is the discount!


I actually talked to the Maxxis guy that handles the Champ Car deal at SEMA in November for quite some time about everything.  I brought up the fact that there is no discount and he said that they could either do an up front discount for all or a top 5 contingency.  And since more companies like being connected to winners, they felt it was the better way to go.  I communicated that I felt that was maybe not the best path as I think you are missing out on a lot of teams that either dont make top 5s simply bc they dont care that much and just like racing for racing regardless of finish.  He said that its all up for discussion in 2018.

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You can get the Rival Non-S from Jackson Motorsport group still.


Or do as suggested and try out Maxxis since you have to go with something you normally wouldn't use anyway.


The other option is to look up a local Hankook dealer on their site rather than going through Tirerack.com and see if any of them can get your size of RS-4

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Just called Maxxis.  They reported that the 245/40ZR15 size is due to their US warehouse sometime THIS week!  So the size should appear on the web site as "orderable" after that happens.

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called Maxxis
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2 hours ago, KSRD said:


FREE? Is that the case? I thought it was a discount. 


  Dude this is champcar where our sponsors shower us with all the bootie .  IF YOU WIN ON MAXXIS you get a set , other podium positions get rubber too

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Good news. Tirerack.com is starting to put availability dates to some of the RS-4's that the pulled from the site when they ran out of stock.

Price went up about $8 per tire after shipping from the same ones I bought last year, but at least there's an availability date on there now.


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Dunlop ZIIIs are starting to show up on Tire Rack.
Interesting, But I'll wait to hear from other teams whether they've done what it seems all other tire manufacturers besides Hankook has done. 
Pandered to the Autocross crowd and made them softer so they can get good reviews in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.
And at 10% ($21 for my size) more per tire than the Zii and 29% ($63 for my size) more than the R-S4, unless someone says they have double the grip with the same durability as the R-S4, there is no way I'll ever buy them.
My prediction is Dunlop is going to have a rude awakening once they realize these things aren't flying off the shelf like they did before the R-S4 came out.  I'm surprised the don't already realize this since tirerack.com has had the Zii on clearance for the last 4 months and still haven't cleared out the shelves.

I'll guess we'll see.

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2 hours ago, Originalsterm said:

The "clearance" price of the ZII's is actually a tad more than I paid for them "normally" priced from TireRack.  I need to pull the trigger on two sets of something because we have 8 bald tires and a race coming up.

I wouldn't bother with the Zii's unless you've already used them and can get them to last around 20 hours for you.  The R-S4 will last that long or more for anyone I've talked to and are within 5% of the same grip. Only potential negative I've heard from anyone about them is a propensity to flat spot.  Not something I've experienced and I don't have ABS.

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