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Youtube and Twitch Team channel list


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Idea from the other thread.     Post your Youtube and Twitch accounts here in this thread.   Everyone can subscribe to each other allowing everyone to meet the minimum subscription requirements


Inactive Motorsports 

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq0ZnJgyA-JbsYxS5cWdp3Q


Crowd Control Racing

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjSXMNRilSYncUDeMe6EnA



Edit by Bill Strong ---


Note- ChampCar.live will not use Twitch feeds as they contain commercials that we can not relay through our broadcast. They simply screw up the production as well. We prefer YouTube or Facebook live feeds.


Make certain to subscribe to - Subscribe to  ChampCar's YouTube Channel

















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added main body of links and notes from Bill Strong
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Chris usually does the video stuff, so hopefully this is it for Burningham.  It says there is no content and there was the other day, hopefully that is just something he has done that will be fixed before the race.





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I believe this is ours. Gary is our resident dork and handles all the tech stuff for us. I hope that he has forwarded the link to you guys for the Champcar feed. We enjoyed watching the in-car footage last race. We promise to watch our mouths and hand gestures this time....somewhat. 



Apex Predators #912

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1 hour ago, Bill Strong said:

We can't use the twitch feeds as they have commercials that we are not allowed to rebroadcast, and simply they screw up the broadcast.



So...in the other thread you said you will be using twitch feeds, im guessing that has changed.  Only Youtube feeds for rebroadcast?

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this shit is changing hourly. keep your links to twitch for now and we will see how it goes. 
I would prefer YouTube over twitch and facebook. It is just a cleaner feed and we can control the resolution (we prefer 720 for the feed as we can fit it into our 1080 feed better.)


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