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We tried using Twitch to stream from Thunderhill this weekend, but found that it did not reconnect automatically when the connection dropped so we only got about a third of the race streamed.  I usually post a summary video from the GoPro to my youtube account a week or so after each race.  May try live streaming it there in the future.

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2 minutes ago, cowboys647 said:

Is everyone using mobile devices to live stream and if so, how is the vibration/quality of video?


We use a gopro connected to a cerevo liveshell 2 which wifi’s to a mifi box which streams to YouTube live. All powered by a 3000mah usb battery. When we have a good cell signal it works good, poor signal we have all kinds of issues. Heat really gets it, we finally put a cooling fan on the plastic case we have the stuff in and that helped. 


When we were using an iphone the stream was very jumpy/wobbly. It was pointed out to me the 5 and later camera is mounted such a way to make that worse, so use the camera facing the screen instead. That worked much better. 

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On 2/15/2018 at 2:50 PM, Team Infiniti said:

Our channel is a mix of car related things

I was the 70th subscriber...I almost left it at 69.

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