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Fast, Clean, Knowledgeable California Driver looking to Join Team/Rent @ AMP + Auto Club + Laguna Seca

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Hi All,


I am a recent college grad with racing experience (listed below) looking for California and AMP teams to join/rent for the event. I am competent and educated in what it takes to be fast and love to help out with whatever is needed, whether it be wrenching or assisting drivers (I understand how to read and teach/learn from track data.) I know I would be an asset to any team. Reach out and lets put something together for AMP, Auto Club, and/or Laguna Seca!


Feel free to respond by thread or email for track video - cmengelage@hotmail.com


iRacing Series Champion

Skip Barber Indy Car Shootout - 5th/30 Overall @ AMP 

Two Champ Races @ Laguna Seca w/ team fast lap and no incidents. 



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