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1992 Nissan NX2000-SER For Sale

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1992 Nissan NX2000 SE-R – Ready to Race Today! Complete W/ MANY Spares.

This very rare Nissan has the history of being the car that Nissan made to compete and beat their own mighty Sentra SE-R. The NX2000 itself utilized the same SR20DE engine as the Sentra, but the SE-R came with the larger brakes, lighter curb weight with a solid roof (no T-Tops or sunroof), and the limited slip differential – all from the factory.

The example we are offering took the very good sports car bones of the original and has been dialed up in suspension and overall performance. This car, painted to match the Paul Newman race cars of the ‘80’s (if you squint a bit), was specifically designed to dominate both Lemon’s A-Class and Chump/Champcar B Class. This car was a podium finisher which consistently got our team in the top 10 overall. It has been built to be extremely easy to drive, and drive fast. Of all the cars our team has built (Honda Accord, Dodge Neon, Toyota MR2, Ford Focus), this car is by far the easiest to drive long distance whilst keeping up hot & consistent lap times.

This car was originally a west coast car, which was built by a former Chumpcar judge. The cage and fuel cell/fuel system were extremely well built. The car comfortably fit our 5’4” to 6’2” range of drivers and could easily have fit someone as tall as 6’4”. The fuel cell is a 15 Gallon ATL SP115 cell with dual Holly 15”x8” Hydramats & anti-slosh foam. Combined with the filler neck, we have achieved 16.7 gallons of total fuel; More than enough to run 2 hours at any circuit we ran at and could have run to almost 3 hours in race conditions (YMMV). All suspension & bushings have been replaced within the last year or last 6 races. The engine was “blueprinted” 8 race weekends ago, during which time extra power was discovered from the motor. The car weighs in at 2484 lbs (2.5 lbs cross weight differential!!), full wet with a 186 lb driver in the seat. (Est. 2203 lbs dry chassis)


If interested, please contact:


Asking $6700 for car and all spares.


Chump/Champcar points claimed: 445 (vs 375 Stock - This could be argued as 350 as equal Sentra SE-R)

The upgrade list:

·         Springs: F 350# /R 300# with Ground Control Coil over conversion kit (40 pts)

·         Shocks: KYB GR-2 Sport (non-adjustable) (0 pts)

·         Undersized pulley set (0 pts)

·         Front Splitter – custom made (10 pts)

·         Custom fab'd stainless steel 90 Deg brake cooling ducts (not installed yet – see pics)


On the Car:


·         14 hours on new alternator

·         14 hours on all new brake calipers/rotors - all 4 corners

·         Firesense 4.0 ltr fire system

·         Schroth enduro belts with Hans shoulder belts. Valid thru 2018.

·         Always run with Joe Gibbs DT-40 5w-40 racing oil, MT90 trans fluid, Motul 650 brake fluid, Joe Gibbs water pump lube CSP.

·         Still has heater core / defroster

·         Working wipers

·         Aero push hood pins

·         Extended studs on all mounted and spare hubs

·         Wired for cool shirt cooler

·         Custom cool shirt cooler mount

·         Lexan for side & rear hatch

·         Window netting

·         LED Light bar & lights



The Spares List:


·         Both Doors - Complete

·         Rear hatch

·         Hood

·         Front and rear bumper covers

·         Both Front fenders

·         Fuel Filler neck

·         2x Engines - dressed long block

·         1x trans

·         12 wheels and tires(2 brand new tires / 4 tires with 1 hour run time)

·         Both Front hubs (knuckle) carriers

·         2x Front bearings & seals

·         1 set Rear bearings & hubs

·         2 sets of front rotors

·         1 set of rear rotors

·         1 set front calipers (one each side)

·         7x front pads (5xraybestos racing AP549 R-4E & 1Set Carbotechs XP10 & brakebest MKD 549)

·         1 set rear calipers (one each side)

·         3x rear pads (raybestos racing ap511 R-4E & Carbotechs xp8)

·         1 set engine belts

·         Caliper bolts

·         Oil drain plugs

·         Oil drain plug gaskets

·         5x sets of hub/wheel adapter rings

·         10x spare wheel studs

·         1 spare set of hood pins

·         fuel pump

·         front driver half shaft

·         half shaft boot kit

·         header and downpipe

·         Spare light mounting bar

·         Front axle hardware


**Car also comes with the Nissan repair manual – updated already for the tech bulletins & our team weights & measures note book (which includes suspension torques & socket sizes, consumable part numbers, and best alignment settings in both degree’s and linear inches)

























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