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Pro Coaching/Driver Available for Road Atlanta

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Hey everyone, 


I will be at Road Atlanta Friday and Saturday for the 14 Hour offering up coaching and/or data laps and setup feedback. Shoot me an email if interested and feel free to look at my website for more information on my background. I'll be wandering around both days so feel free to reach out if someone gets sick or can't make the race. 





Thanks and race safe!

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On 1/23/2018 at 4:56 PM, DEE DEE said:

What are your credentials?

I’ve been racing for 12 years. Started in karts moved into SCCA. Ran 4 years of SCCA Nationals in A-Sedan. Raced in Pirelli World Challenge in 2016 and the Mazda Global MX5 Cup in 2017. 


I have been coaching for about 10 years. I was hired by Skip Barber in 2012 and worked for them until their demise. 

I currently work for the Porsche Sport Driving School, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and coach various drivers privately in different series. 


I can coach a beginner or find the last the last few tenths for an experienced driver as well as go over data if that’s something the race car has installed. 

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