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Free Nissan 1988ish ZX 300 stuff.

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1 hour ago, flyinglizard said:

 Rob, do you have a ZX? Or do you just  want the VC?     I can send you the VC if you want. 

   You have first refusal due to the first reply, but Bremson has a car that some of it will fit. 

I believe that was a Tuttle joke reference 

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On 1/26/2018 at 9:06 PM, flyinglizard said:

Will do. FWIW the VC dont have any markings. 

 Ship Mon.  Ryan,  do you want the VC also? 


If they’re just the standard steel VG30 VCs, no, you can scrap them.  I probably have 3-4 sets already.  Thanks Mike,  PM me the shipping charges tomorrow and I’ll mail a check to you.  

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