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Window nets


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1 hour ago, frankrehnelt said:

Do they expire? I think I was told I would need a new one this year but reading the rules I can’t find anything that says they need to be in date. Mine is 2013. 


Then yours has expired as of December 31st 2017.  I have a recent thread where I posted Phil's "officialish" response to that question.


Check ebay for used/NOS NASCAR nets... I just replaced my 2013 with a 2015 so I'm good through the end of 2019...  


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Window nets do not expire based on date in the eyes of Champcar.


The quote from Phil was in the thread: "2017 Tech" on 18/1/17:
“Your window nets will be inspected by the tech and it will be up to his discretion if they pass.  Technically they are not listed as having to be SFI rated or replaced every 4 years the same as belts but why would you not replace them? "

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2018 BCCR

3.5.1. All competition cars must have an SFI-approved window net mounted to the cage of the car only. All window nets must cover the window opening such that a driver’s hand or arm cannot extend outside the vertical plane between the a- and b-pillars, or (for open cars) the a-pillar and the main hoop of the roll cage while the driver is seated and belted in-place. Cars with nets that have extensive openings, as defined solely by ChampCar officials, will NOT be allowed on track.


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Does "SFI Approved" mean that it still has to be in date?  Does the "approval" get revoked when the date runs up?  I.e. it was approved, but not current.


In my mind, needing an SFI approved window net is kind dumb.  If its not obviously tattered and/or in bad shape, then is the risk of running it really THAT bad?  Or am I wrong on that one?

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