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X-brace door bars

Fationably Late

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Hey everyone,

I may be posting this a little late, but I am wondering about the rule regarding the X-Brace door bar design. NASA tech approves the 'x' design without gussets and as far as I am aware, if it will pass NASA tech, then it should pass ChampCar tech, correct? I can get the gussets put in, but if the answer is a definitive "it will pass", then I'd rather spend my time doing other things.


Here is a picture of the door bar as it stands, right now (the driver's side is identical):


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@mhr650 You are certain it will pass? I hate to get down there, for my first race, and find out the gussets are required. Are there other cars that have the x-brace without gussets? Is there a person that runs Tech that can chime in (if that's not you), or that I can contact directly, to ease my worry about this? :) 

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Try: Phil.McKinney@champcar.org  Phil is head of tech.  Expect a bit of a wait to hear back, but Phil is the man to ask.  You can also CC tech@champcar.org as well, and see if you get a quicker response. 


The biggest part that I see being an issue is that you state the drivers side is the same, if so, that picture says it won't pass.  The rules require 2 single piece bars, so a bar above or below the X that is unbroken connecting the main hoop vertical to the front hoop vertical will need to be added. 

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NO it will not pass tech as shown in the picture.  It doesn't meet the rule shown below.


3.2.3. Two continuous/unbroken driver-side door bars (labeled “7”) that will prevent cockpit intrusion. NASCAR-style or X-design (with gussets) is acceptable


But if you have a lower still bar and this X configuration it will pass. 

I would recommend adding gussets to all of these configurations.  


Phil McKinney 

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