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1995 Dodge Neon - Vancouver BC

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1995 Dodge Neon Road Racing car – Asking $5,500 CAD (~4,400 USD today). Located in Burnaby, B.C. Contact my user name @ gmail


More pictures available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fbQZS6rrPmRzVT9D2




Our team built this car for ChumpCar and Lucky Dog Racing League events, and used it from 2013-2017. Over that time, we’ve developed it into a great handling, easy to drive racecar. This is a cheap, well prepared way to go road racing or hill climbing – just add an Accusump and new belts! The cost of the engine and cage alone far exceed the asking price of the car.

The Neon is competitive in LDRL’s “B” Class, where we’ve had two 4th place finishes (ORP 2017 and Ridge 2017). The only thing holding it back from competing for wins in the LDRL “B” class or overall wins in ChumpCar is fuel capacity – an upgrade to a 1996+ fuel tank (+1.5 Gal capacity) or a 15 Gal fuel cell would help to cure this problem. It also did a 2.12 on 200TW street tires at the Knox Mountain Hillclimb last May.


The good:

- Fresh Hawk Blue front pads on new rotors
- Easy to drive, fast car with well sorted suspension
- Car runs very cool – we ran a full data logger (not included in sale) and never saw water temps above 190* or Oil temps above 240* even on hot days
- Heavy duty front ACR hubs (2mm thicker than standard)


It should have an Accusump added (oil pan has no baffles and we are reusing the Accusump in our new build, but are including the filter adapter required to install it), and belts are expired, but otherwise it's ready to go racing!

A few further details:



Custom cage built by Shift Autosport
   - NASCAR door bars on driver side, tied into door sill
   - X-bars on passenger side
   - Tabbed to the chassis to the extent permitted under the ChumpCar cage rules
Gutted doors, hood, and trunk lid
Car weighs <2200 lbs
Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery
Comes with a kirkey aluminum seat
2.25L fire system w/ 3 nozzles (1 for the engine compartment, 1 for the driver, 1 for the surge tank) 







2.4L Engine built by High Performance Engines (~75 hours/5 race weekends on it). It cost ~4500CAD to put this engine together
   - Built bottom end with SRT4 forged rods and custom machined 2.4L pistons to work with the forged rods (new at the beginning of 2015)
   - New bearings, ARP Head Studs, and MOPAR head gasket
   - Built top end with INDY stainless steel valves, Crower valve springs and Ti retainers, new Mopar lash adjusters, and new single groove valve keepers
New Clutchmasters Stage 1 clutch installed at the same time as the engine
OBX Stainless Steel exhaust header with header wrap
1/2 Gallon surge tank with all AN hardware
New radiator in August 2017








Ground Control coilovers and camber plates on all 4 corners, on Koni STR.T (Orange) shocks
Stock rear sway bar/no front sway bar
Fresh Hawk Blue brake pads and new Centric brake rotors
NAPA reman front brake calipers w/metal pistons (factory phenolic pistons disintegrate under heavy track usage)
2.25” custom front brake ducts
Heavy duty front Dodge ACR hubs (2mm thicker than standard)
SKF Wheel bearings
ARP wheel studs
3 sets of wheels and tires
   - 2 sets of 15” wheels with worn RE71Rs
   - 1 set of 16” wheels with near full depth Continental DW rain tires







Misc Neon/Chrysler specific tools (Harmonic balancer puller, timing pulley removal tool, etc)
OEM Chrysler service manual
Tons of documentation including our estimate of hourly running costs and parts life estimates for several significant components
Spare complete 2.4L engine
Spare cylinder head
Spare transmission

Additional spares package also available for $1000CAD:

1 full set OEM ACR Koni “Black” adjustable shocks, rebuilt in 2013 (only 3 race weekends on them before they were banned by ChumpCar – rebuild was $900USD)
1 set of new Hawk Blue pads
1 set of front uprights with new SKF bearings, ACR hubs, and ARP studs
1 set of rear hubs
1 set of fresh NAPA reman front brake calipers w/metal pistons
1 set of fresh reman rear brake calipers
1 set of new rear rotors
Misc used brake pads
Used Clutchmasters stage 1 clutch (~60 hours run time – only replaced because we were changing the engine)
1 set (L and R) of drive axles
Spare DOHC Neon ECU
Spare Walbro 255LPH external fuel pump
Coil pack and plug wires
New outer tie rods
New NAPA alternator
1 full set Koni STR.T Orange shocks – fronts blown

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