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More cage stuff need answers from Tech


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I did email Chump but did not get any feedback as of this time. On the 2001 Audi TT build is tight and I have one drive Tom T 6.4 tall I got it to fit him but on the main question is on the main hoop drivers side how close can I run the diagonal to this helmet?  it would only be tight with him in it. And the rear diagonals with being at the bottom of the main hoop top bend?

Bob M 


seat digbar.jpeg



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Tech will hopefully chime in here with some specifics, and respond to your email.


That said, rule of thumb is to keep main hoop diagonal and back stays as close to the corners of the main hoop as reasonable - looks like you are doing that.  For reference, SCCA indicates the diagonal must be at least 50% width of the main hoop and 75% height of main hoop; back stays must be within 6" of the top of the main hoop.



From you pics, it looks like your main hoop diagonal would be OK where it is, but you could move it outboard a bit.  I would place it so that there is similar side clearance as center of helmet has to the B-pillar tube of the main hoop.  For back stays, I would tuck them up as far as you can get them and still get good 360 degree welds (right at the start of the bend or even a bit higher looks possible).  

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Thanks,  we are going to finish up tomorrow  I was on the same lines as you move the dig over a bit. For the rear dig they will just touch the bends and still be  at 45 deg down. Phil did get back Thank you said move over as close as I can. Who cares if Tom T bangs his head a bit!!

I added the door bars.On the spacing of the bars, I read it as min of 6-inch airspace center line to center line?

Update Tom T  6.4 tall fit like a glove we moved the bar over a bit he got a few inches of helmet room.

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