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Rules or Guidelines for selling your cars and parts aka CCES-BISR™


To help you as the seller, sell your items quickly and easily, with little to no flack from the Internet community, and to better protect the buyers, ChampCar has now implemented some Basic Internet Sellers Rules (CCES-BISR


Title - Describe in a clear and concise way what you are selling. For example.
"For Sale - 2004 BMW 330Xi, full Cage, runs, ready to race"


Tags - put some simple tags in place to make the item easy to find with a search. For example.
"BMW" "E46" "330" "Cage" "ready to race" "Faster than those MR2s" "really legal except for the cheaty bits"


Now for the meat...

Again, type your title in this section, just so it is repeated. This info is easy to see on all platforms (tablet, phone, and computer)

Now comes the hard work. This you may want to gather up before starting your post posting.

1. Go take a lot of pictures of the item or car. Inside, outside, under, in the trunk, in the engine bay. Don't have a camera? Use your smartphone. Your wife or girlfriend most likely has one and can help. If you are old, or as sooooo many people say to me, I am a technophobe and don’t know how to use tech. Then how are you even on the Internet? - I joke… maybe. But… get pictures.

2. Write down everything that is included with the car. If the car does not come with stuff that is currently installed, then take it out, then take your pictures. This helps a lot.


3. Who built the car? Who bent and welded the cage? Where was the cage purchased from? Don’t know? Then say that. 


4. Does it come with a rebuilt engine? Who did the job? Warrantees with the rebuild? Have receipts for the rebuild? Post them up too as an image.


5. History of the car racing… List it out. Finished last every race? So what? List it. It finished. That’s a huge selling point. In the hands of a good pro driver, it might be a winning car.


6. Put a PRICE in the post. Want to sell it and not get a hundred low ball numbers? List the price. Don’t know what you want to sell it for? Do some research. Google is your friend. Search out similar cars, and remember, this is a race car. It may have cost you $12,000 to build for ChumpCar/ChampCar, but it is only worth $4000.


7. Most good teams are going to tear the car down and rebuild it before their first race. So if there are any issues, it would be good to let people know about them up front. The new owners will most likely post up WTF was he thinking photos of your half welded in cage, or JB welded fuel lines. Up front knowledge is always a good way to start off a sale. Surprises suck.


8. Where is the car or parts located? Like what city, state, or even country. This might help spread the word. Someone sees it, knows a local friend who just won the lottery is looking to race, passes the link on and boom, you can now vacation with your better half in Hawaii because you made a quick sale.


9. How do we get a hold of you to buy the thing? Give an email address. A phone number. SMS number. Facebook Messenger. Something.


10. I think this is the most important rule. Don’t be an Internet Jerk when people low ball you. It happens. If you put all of the above info into your post, you will have fewer issues and are more likely to sell your item. If you put too high a price on your pride and joy, and members are giving a much lower price, then guess what. You may have priced the item a bit too high. Don’t trash the potential buyers, work with them. Start the negotiation process. Like when you buy a car at a dealership. Be an adult and respectful about how you proceed with the negotiations.


11. Include a scan or picture of the last Log Book. So what if it expired. Include it as proof that it raced and passed tech. If it did not pass tech, then say it. Be up front. That is always a good thing. Show the build sheet or your VPI sheet. Scan or take a picture of all the documents. Passed tech in another series? Include those too. 


Buyers rules?


1.     Be an adult and respectful about how you proceed with the negotiations.

2.     If you don’t agree with the price, then post facts. Like these 15 cars exactly like yours sold for this… and give links to the examples. Facts. Facts. But don’t be a jerk about how you word the facts.

3.     If you have nothing nice to say. Just click or swipe to the next item. It’s easy.

4.     Ask questions.

5.     Let the seller know how to get a hold of you.


All parties need to check the posting frequently. You sell it… you need to come back and look to see if anyone has replied. Checking every 6 weeks is really not the best way to sell an item.


Hopefully, these simple rules will help you sell and buy items on this Internet forum run by the ChampCar Endurance Series.
If this post seems condescending, it is because it is meant to make you think before posting. We want to help you sell your stuff. 


 **** I added the word Guidelines to quell the anti-rule establishment peeps ***


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sell. include pics and better descriptions.
buy. don't be a jerk.


and for you outwesters that are complaining because we have rules. Internet forums have had rules since the early 2000s. And these are not really rules, just guidelines. Did I put up a banhammer if you did not follow said rules? no. so don't freak the heck out.

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