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I Have An Idea And I Would Like Your Opinion

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I have a business that sells military patches that I built an online platform to sell with. What I have done is to create a multi vendor site that anyone who sells military collectables can list their products on. It even allows digital and affiliate products to be sold from within your store. Listing is free.


So my idea is to build a racecar parts seller platform that includes auctions, make offer and buy it now options. It would be free to list unlimited products but cost a flat 15% fee to sell through our shopping cart. If you do an offline transaction, you keep 100%. I don't care. I just want a lot of products from all over the place to be available. Then it becomes a valuable resource to racers. Any profits from vendors would be reinvested in marketing until it feeds itself. There is RacingJunk but they do not offer a shopping cart. It even has a shipping module that calculates shipping from each vendor location. Teams could create product stores to promote with or clear out dead inventory and link to their site. It uses PayPal to provide their buyer and seller protections.


So my question is, would the Champ's be interested in this type of specialized marketplace? I am going to be putting the Pyrotect product line on the site as it's first product store since I am a dealer.  If you did participate you absolutely should still list your parts here but link to a shopping cart to make the sale 24/7/365. Does this sound appealing to you or do you think the whole idea is trash and I need to go camp out somewhere else. I am just sick of eBay and Craigslist as the only way to find and sell cars and parts. I have listed stuff on racing junk and never sold anything. I have found stuff on there myself but ended up buying on eBay because I could get the deal done and on it's way. Too many times the item was already sold. I think this platform solves that problem.


Looking forward to your replies, I hope...

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eBay and PayPal fees are 12% alone. If you have a store that is another $30 a month. Not everybody likes eBay. We also don't shut down for not paying seller fees. All fee's are taken out of each sale. The plan is to eventually drop the fee down to 10-12% but the 15% right now is for marketing. We plan on doing some re-targeting ads to promote sales. 


Racers can keep feeding the eBay machine or they can shop local so to speak. This is racers supporting other racers. Why would that be such a bad idea?  If I started out with a 12% cut would that be more reasonable? A game changer?


eBay also has a LOT of restrictions that we won't have like off line sales. I support them. I will provide a platform where a buyer can buy the product and commit to the purchase.  I found out that some people found me on RacingJunk and bought from me on eBay because they wanted to lock in the purchase.


How many times have you done a search on eBay and all the NON racing stuff ends up having to be sorted through. The bottom line is that racing has been my family for a long time. This is my way of creating an alternative resource that supports the kind of racers who support series like Champcar. A way of me getting to reconnect with some, and start new relationships with others. I believe in Free Will so I respect everyone's right to choose who they do business with. My job is to make our marketplace attractive to both buyers and sellers.


I'm going to put the site together for no other reason but sell my Pyrotect gear and my used parts and any other racing stuff I can dig up. I have some great old racing photo's from the 60's that were taken in the Carolina's. including one of Dale's early cars. I can sell the digital files or actual reprints.


The patch company has a connection to our Facebook page that loads all of our products right in Facebook. I will do the same for the parts. Every listing will be posted and then deleted when sold. So FB page likes will see your products in their stream. 


I have another program that auto posts Youtube video's to the blog page. So tell us about your Channel and we will program it in and you can get your in car and other video's on the site and posted to FB also.


We also let you post video's in your ads. eBay makes that a big no-no. You can link back to any site you want from your store. You can also set up an eBay affiliate account and list anything ebay has listed in race parts categories can be posted on your store. Someone clicks the link and buys, you get a commission.  You don't even have to sell your own parts.  We get nothing for that referral.  We just want the traffic for our sellers by having a large selection.


That is why I believe this site can become a fun, interactive place for racers to network from ALL forms of racing. Another way for racers to feed the race car. A zero cost way to start a little extra income.


You can fully customize your product pages with all kinds of widgets, short codes and other cool things that make products stand out.


This is a long term vision. If 5 years from now we are pretty well known, then I will be very happy. These things just take on a life of their own sometimes. Either this one will or it won't.  See ya in the future...



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