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1996 F250 Utility Truck

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Time to sell off my first "proper" tow/race support vehicle. 2 owner, bought new in, and has never left Florida, never wrecked, by northern standards it has zero rust, by Florida standards, it has surface rust on the roof and 2 rotten piano hinges on top of the utility bed, cab has rock solid corners/rockers/floors, you are looking @ the factory paint, every bolt and brake line are perfect underneath.



Drives fine but, there are issues


Ign key cyl spins free if I ever find the lost key, I took the ign switch loose and start it by that.

Dual tanks, both work but one fuel pump is weak, only good for getting back to the gas station, fuel gauge on good tank needs a new brass float (getting harder to find)

 NEEDS 2 rotors and at least one drum/prob a rear brake job

 Needs tie rod or 2, haven't looked at the front end closely because it doesn't wear tires.

 Header gaskets are due, not a big deal because it Absolutely needs a valve job, couple burnt exh valves, while your in there, timing chain when you reseal the water leak behind the timing cover, rings are good, no blow by 

C6 transmission is cranky for the first 15 sec on a cool morning (been this way for +40,000 miles(we can negotiate on my spare almost new but used Jasper unit I horded for "the moment")


Champ Priced @ $1000 Can drive/deliver to Daytona.


No comments from the gallery?!?  Crackhead or decent price?





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