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The trouble with working on the Champ Car all of my spare time, is that there is no time left over for repairs to the DD. It's a 2006 RSX Type-S with 210k miles. Runs great, but it's still on it's first clutch and I know it has to need one by now. And, I have a new set of A-spec struts that I would like to install.

So, for information, I asked my local Acura dealer for a quote:


1. clutch assy(includes disc friction,disc pressure,bearing clutch release,release fork boot,clutch assy and hoses
calls for 10 hours labor. parts and labor 2,450.46 plus tax
2. starter replacement calls for 2.0 hours 640.50
3. tie rod ends calls for 2.0 hours labor 616.17
4. just labor for 4 strut assy calls for 7.0 hours 980.00
5. four wheel alignment 109.95
At least the alignment cost was reasonable. Anybody run or know a good Honda shop within 100 miles of Augusta, GA?
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Wouldn't they have to remove the starter to do the clutch?  


Obviously peaches to oranges, but 10 hours seems excessive for a clutch.  In my Ranger, I did the clutch, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing in about 10 hours...and 3-4 of those hours were spent trying to get the pilot bearing race out of the crankshaft.  

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Yeah, I thought that some labor would be combined, since you have to remove and replace some parts to get to others, but I guess they are trying to maximize revenue.


Ain't happening, I've already got 2 quotes that are about half that price.


Now I just have to convince myself to spend the money. I drive the car 500 miles a week, back and forth to work, and I plan to work another 3.5 years, so I guess it would be worth it. It's such a great car that I hate to sell it for practically nothing.

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I had a brand new 06 RSX-S that I drove the hell out of, actually got me into the HPDE's and whatnot.  Great car, but onto the story.  I had to teach my wife how to drive a manual and we drove around for a few hours in my car and she did ok.  Well we stopped at a restaurant close to our house and ate dinner, ran into some friends and hung out.  Wife wanted to leave and I wanted to stay, so I told her to take the car straight home (less than 1/4 of a mile from the house).  30 mins later I start walking home and I hear this sound as I get close to my house.  Sounds like someone revving the crap out of a car and slipping the clutch...well come to find out the wife didn't go straight home.  She for some reason though slipping the clutch was ok.  Needless to say that clutch was cooked.  Only had 40,000 miles on it.  Got a new clutch put in at an independent shop for like 600 bucks and the new clutch and flywheel was another 600 bucks.  Get the car back and they forgot to tighten down the axle bolts, they fix that.  3 weeks later the clutch sounds like an old barn door when you push in the clutch.  Take it to the dealer since its under warranty.  They blame the previous shop for not greasing the pivot and try and charge me 1200 bucks.  Previous shop actually comes though and pays for it.  Dealer fixes pivot and I drive it another 9,000 mile and the shifter cables somehow get screwed up and wont let me shift.  Take to dealer, under warranty, they deny and say previous shop stretched cables and they want $900 bucks for cables and labor....I call shenanigans since the dealer was the last shop to pull the trans out.  Call Acura north america, after 3 weeks to review the case, while I dont have my car since its at the dealer, they tell me to pound sand and that they wont cover the cost of new cables or labor.  So I end up getting my car back and fixing the cables with some zip ties and RTV.  Promptly take it to car max, they write me a check and I bought a miata off ebay the next night.


So the moral of the long story here is, Screw Acura dealers and Acura NA, find a good local shop and it will be half the price.

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