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Motorola Radio Set

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Motorola Radius SP50 pit to car set   $500

2   SP50  pit radios with antennas & 1 spare

1   Sp110 radius car radio that is hardwired for the cockpit  ( never have to charge) with holder

Push to talk velcro button

1 pit headset

External antenna and spare

Complete car harness

2 chargers

1 Hard storage case

Original manual

Just removed this from my IMSA Porsche


This is a complete set car to pit communication system.

Will ship  or I will be at Watkins Glen.


SOLD !! 

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
20 hours ago, DEE DEE said:

Radios came out of this car.    Radios are sold thanks for all the interest.




Thanks DEE DEE! Good times...

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Yes,  it was good times MIke.   I think it was the best time for road racing in America & Europe never to be had again.  The Porsche turbo 935,  962,  993 GT's  man they  were insane fast.

My favorite memories are the Daytona 24hr.  in the wee hours  of  2am -  4am.   I remember leaving the infield and entering the banking and driving into what looked like fog but was actually  campfires with your eyes burning from the smoke and trying to see thru a pitted  & oil smeared windshield and smelling fuel.  Flying down the back stretch your body & head would get pressed back into the seat.   Drafting  another Porsche turbo in turns 3 & 4  was a exciting because the entire exhaust was glowing red, turbo housings are white hot  & lit up the pavement underneath  the car with 2 orange flames from each exhaust that seemed like 2 ft long.  Passing the start finish line at 200 + mph   going in turn 1 the turbos shoot even longer flames glowing orange  &  the waste gates  spit white bursts like fireworks on trailing throttle.  You pass the car in front of you  and he gets to see the same show on the next lap from your car.

I  was so fortunate  to have driven those cars and compete against  all the great drivers in the world.   

Glad I could make you smile down memory lane.

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

^^^^Even before I read the last line of this post, I was smiling.

Although my involvement was minor, I was fortunate enough to work at Roush during their IMSA and T/A heydays, and also with some great racers/engineers on Team Viper from '90-'03. Team Oreca mechanics worked with us in Auburn Hills building the LeMans and Daytona winning cars.

I agree , the golden age of road racing... I also think it's pretty awesome that guys like yourself are now racing in ChampCar!!

Thanks again DEE DEE. That was awesome to read about and reminisce. 

Looking forward to seeing you at a race one day. 

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