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Logbook Clarification

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Starting to build a ChumpCar this week. 


I've seen multiple people refer to a "Log Book" for the car, but I can't find anything about it in the 2018 Rule book, aside from the very basic "Each car shall have a complete and up-to-date ChampCar WS Log book, including Pics". 


Can I get some clarification on exactly what it is, and what it's used for? 





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After you have built your car go attend a race with your tech sheet.  When you go through tech you will say it is your first time and they will give you a log book, sometimes charge $5.  Everything on your tech sheet will be transferred to your log book.  Have your log book if you make impound, top five.  If you don't make any changes to your car and attend another race the same year you only have to show up with your log book and tell tech nothing has changed and they will sign off for that race.

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