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engine paint?


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Had our block honed so we can  replace rings and our local machine shop is particular about what they will  mount up on their equipment so you pretty much need to pay for a bake and clean of the block first.


Now that we have it back, can't help but want to paint the block so we can see oil seepage etc a little easier.


Anyone have any luck with the rattle can engine paints holding up?  Particular brands?



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15 minutes ago, red0 said:



Some of the biggest and most well known aerosol paint companies use the same paint for general purpose enamel, engine enamel, and anti-rust enamel. They are the same paint.



Whaaat.   No way!   We've been marketed to?   Next thing you know there will be ads in the forum......  

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On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 11:23 AM, Xph said:

Any concerns about thermal efficiency with painted surfaces?  or in general is this not an issue with a "water cooled" "block"...

0 concerns  paint away.

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On 3/4/2018 at 12:36 AM, Team Infiniti said:

Normally I would agree


Better protect it... this may be a long build :ph34r:

Paint doesn't keep the flakes of rust from flying off.


This is a WI motor out of a truck missing the inner fender flaps. It's so bad on the driver's side I feel it's a point of pride to let others see how bad it is.


Besides, if I paint it people will think I rebuilt it. Straight out of the boneyard. 98 (iirc) heavy 3/4 ton extendo cab.

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