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New Team/Car - looking for early Tech Inspection

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Hello Champ Car,

I am a member of a brand new team (Barely Racing) and we hope to make our debut at the Charlotte Motor Speedway  endurance event on 4/21/18.  We purchased a car which has participated in CHAMP before, but it has been a few years for the car.


Is there anyone local to the Charlotte area that might be able to provide a preliminary Tech Inspection on the car so we can learn, and have time to fix, any deficiencies before the event Tech Inspection which takes place only the day before the event?


If there is anyone willing and able to help us out on this, my contact information is below.... and I will help coordinate with my team and car location.



Chris George


cell: 919-235-7324

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ChampCar staff, except for one, rarely hang out on the forum. Here is the contact information you need:

Contact Us
ChampCar Endurance Series
PO Box 2170
Angier, NC 27501-2170

ChampCar Endurance Series National Staff
Chief Executive Officer – Mike Chisek – Michael.Chisek@champcar.org
Chief Technical Director – Phil McKinney – Phil.McKinney@champcar.org
Media & Marketing Director / Website / Forum – Bill Strong – Bill.Strong@champcar.org
Database Administrator – Rob Verenna – Rob.Verenna@champcar.org

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