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I broke the student built BMW Z3 windshield... Need a cheap one, or a Lexan window

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I was installing the Northern Virginia Home School teams roll cage into the BMW Z3. One of the A-piller bars slipped out of my hand and hit the window putting a bit star in it. The size of a hand. I was no freaking mad!

Their first race is at Charlotte.
They are $500 from Safelite.


Does anyone have or know of a spare good 1996 BMW Z3 window for sale? Or have a spare Lexan/Polycarbonate window that we can retrofit?

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I get all my chumper glass from the yard. Usually costs 50 bucks more to have them pull it. Easily worth it.


Use www.car-part.com. i see one in winston for $100. Use the uerthane in a tube napa sells specifically for glass install. If you dont glue it in well you will break it flexing on track.


Tape moving blankets to class next time. The weld splatter and grinder crap will put small burn "dents" in the glass that will eat wipers with their gritty feel.

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