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Reflective Graphics


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Hey all,


We were thinking about running some graphics that are reflective. I did not see anything in the rules saying we can't run reflective graphics but wanted to check before we actually installed them. We also plan on running some exterior led style lights like we have seen on a few cars at night events.


Thanks in advance,


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1 hour ago, Bluebandit48 said:

thanks guys. We almost got bounced at VIR because something wasn't clarified in the rule book, so I just wanted to see if anyone else was running reflective graphics, other than the number panel.

 Bounced , can you share why ?

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On 3/30/2018 at 11:58 AM, tommytipover said:

They might be the guys who showed up at tech and were told that there was a window net age rule that was not in the BCCR at the time.



We were one of the 3 or 4 teams yes. Thankfully we got everything cleared up, and were good to go. Just trying to avoid that in the future if we can!

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