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I'm needing to replace (due to your typical northeast tin worm) the front sections of the Miata "frame rails"... They're a boxed element in several sections, and I need to cut out the bottom and two sides from the front of the shock tower stamping up to the back of the front bumper mount.  It's actually more straightforward than it sounds, but what I can't tell is exactly which part numbers I need in the diagram below... for sure I need #9, but do I *also* need #8 and #10, or are those just "subsections" of 9?  Remember I want to leave the "top" and replace the sides and bottom of the rails...


Full Size Assembly Image

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  Not that I know it all but when it comes to rust if it's that bad where you can see what about ALL that you can't .  If its rotten in front of the towers probly gone behind also . Give everything the hammer test . By the time you buy the parts and consider the labor to replace frame rails you probably can buy a good shell and swap everything over ..  

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I would think that #7 would be the safest bet. And the proper tool is a spot weld cutter. Drill holes in the new piece and plug weld. It is as strong as the original. Do not over weld unless you do it to both frame rails. Making one side stiffer can result in funny reactions from the chassis. Here is WI the drivers side is almost always the worst rust.

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